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Week #5A - Defining Your Target Market

I've chosen Set #2 - Subway and Hungry Bear Deli & Sub Shop.
Both of these sites are designed for a singular purpose - to get people hungry enough to want to buy their product. Subway is more broad-reaching - it's not a local chain alone, so it's advertising and menu options on offer cover a wider array, to loop in more people. Hungry Bear, on the other hand, is a local place in Vista. They want people nearby to come in and buy a sandwich, and then to tell their friends and family to come in, too. They really are after the idea to make people hungry enough, just by looking at the site and images, to want to try out the restaurant. It's pretty effective, if I say so myself! Their demographics are similar in target, but vary wildly in scope. Subway is worldwide, Hungry Bear is at best within a county.

The most immediate difference when loading into the main page of the site is in presentation. The Hungry Bear homepage loads in with just an image and scrolling text vi…
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Week #4B - Aesthetics & Design

Both of these sites have one major factor in common that makes them effective and routine visits for me - what I want to see, the reasons why I go to the site - are immediate and placed right in front of me upon loading in. In the case of YouTube, the algorithm and my subscriptions keep a feed of new content coming whenever I load up the page, and that's a great way to keep me visiting. MTGGoldfish also has news articles, deck ideas, and new card previews constantly cycled up on the splash page, and everything I want to learn and know is within a few clicks of navigation.

Both sites work very well with simple designs and straightforward inter-site linking. If you want to find a specific video or article, you can navigate to it within a few menus with ease, and don't have trouble or get lost trying to find just the thing you were looking for. The search bars also help immensely with that - letting you just punch in a few keyw…

Week #4A - Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Website #1 -

To me, immediately, the website's landing page is far too busy. There are options all over the place, most of the text on the left-hand side of the page is extending over the buttons that it's ostensibly supposed to be placed in, and everything is in very tight quarters with each other. On top of that, the heading is hard to read at points with the green & black background image clipping through black text, which overall makes the page seem very jam packed and intimidating. It reminds me of older website design - almost like a GeoCities-style look to it, which could be improved upon easily.

First off, I would make a simpler landing page - most of the information on the right hand side could be put into an 'About Us' page or something similar, for people looking for more information. Keep the basics and simple details first and foremost - leave the information about what they can make and custom design work on the front. Also, I…

Week #3B - Business Media

Name: Hero Forge
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Used Well/Hardly Used: Used fairly well
Last Post:

Facebook: Sept. 9th, 2019Twitter: Sept. 9th, 2019Instagram: Sept. 9th, 2019Analysis: Hero Forge uses their social media platform well - advertising new and upcoming products with teaser images, and marketing their existing ones with pictures and uploads of their finished states. They appear to use all three for the same thing - posts on Facebook match ones made on Twitter, and all of the images in both are also uploaded to Instagram. This provides a clean, symmetrical flow of information, no matter what platform you want to use to figure it all out with.
Name: Wizards of the Coast (Magic: the Gathering) URL: Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram Used Well/Hardly Used: Used well, frequently uploaded Last Post: Facebook: Sept. 9th, 2019Twitter: Sept. 9th, 2019Twitch: Sept. 9th, 2019 (Hosting other creators …

Week #3A - Communication

Trying to get the attention of a business can be one of the hardest things imaginable - I know from personal experience! Most of the time, you're routed into automated voice messages and solutions that you've tried before, and it takes forever to get in touch with another real person to try and have your problem even acknowledged, let alone looked at. It's a real hassle - but thankfully, with the advent of social media, those problems are...alleviated, at the very least.

Social media - especially Twitter, in this case - does make it easier to get noticed. Tagging the customer service account for the business in question - or even people you know who are employed there -can help raise awareness of your issue. On top of that, others with the same issue come out of the woodwork to report on it as well, adding their voices to yours. These sorts of waves can draw the attention of even the higher ups in a business, which usually leads to an elevated state of trying to get the pr…

Week #2B - Comments

Week #2A - Overview of Social Media

There are many, many social media platforms that everyone can use on a daily basis. Of all of these options, there's a few things to keep in mind when deciding which ones you want to use - most importantly, what's the best use of each site? Do you want to use it for yourself, or for a business? Picking the right platform for the right job is crucial to social media success.

For those looking for a more personal touch, I would recommend sites like Instagram or Snapchat - Pinterest as well can fall into this category. While businesses can absolutely make use of these sites to take photos and share interesting tidbits, these image sharing social media outlets are more easily used by individuals, to share things that they like and see on a daily basis to their friends and family, or anyone else following them. Often used for sharing food pics or vacation snapshots, image sharing sites like Instagram are great for the individual user. Over time, they can form a photo album of your …