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Week #12B - Research Activity Options

Streaming Content - Streaming content is a very viable and great way to involve people in your business, especially if it offers something that people may like to watch. In my case, previewing scenarios and showing developer streams and comments is a great engagement tool, and directly lets your customers and supporters get in contact with you. Twitch would most likely be the best service, as it is the largest and most well known streaming platform, but YouTube is also a viable alternative - or both at once. Up and coming services like Mixer may be a platform to keep an eye on, as well as Facebook's streaming services, but those don't have the weight behind them that Twitch and YouTube do.

Music Sites - While a potentially unorthodox choice, sound plays a vital role in treatments as well. If the scenarios use custom music to soothe and help out patients, relying on music sites like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and so on to populate out those tracks for personal use could be a grea…
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Week #12A - Using Other Online Tools

For ExposVRe, I think Streaming content would be a great way to use another online tool to promote the business. Having streams of developers running through scenarios or showing off what's being worked on would be a great way to get customers and other people excited about the product, and to directly show how they might be of help to various people. Twitch would be a great service to use, especially given that VR is a great platform for gaming as well, so you could tie in advertising and such from that venue.

Integrating streaming would be super easy and straightforward with the current strategy. Using Facebook and Twitter, I could announce when streams would be happened, what they'd be about, and take polls and other questions about the content to be included on each stream. That's a super direct and simple way to include the customer and follower base with what's going on, and keep them up to date on how things are going - along with physical proof of project progr…

Week #11A - Email Marketing

1. I think a monthly newsletter would be best - things like updates on how each project is going, what's coming down the pipe, and information about upcoming deals and sales. I don't believe enough progress would be made week to week to fill a weekly newsletter, and quarterly would be too infrequent for my tastes. I like it best myself when a developer is open with what's going on, and a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter could keep people in the loop without overwhelming them, or taking too long between.

2. I think ExposVRe could absolutely make good use of a newsletter. Release updates, project summaries, deals, sales, all that kind of stuff would be great content for a regular newsletter release.

Release updates let people know what's coming out, when it's coming out, and what to expect in each update. This gives people a clear view of what they can use the software for.Project summaries let people know what's going on and what's the scope of each project, …

Week #10B - Blogging for Business

Categories can be used to great success on blogs, and are a great way to organize and keep your posts neat and orderly, so that they can be found easily by those visiting. I'd strongly consider using categories on posts for ExposVRe based on the type of media, the project in particular, and what each post is for. Separating out blog posts via the project - each phobia, for example - would be a great way for people to sort through many posts for the ones relevant to their particular need. This could even be extended to release notes and patch notes, demarcated by the categories for release and update. These sorts of things are great navigational tools to help keep everything in order for a viewer. They can also help a business grow because people can search for what they need, and providing ease of access is a great way to get positive customer interaction on your blog, and then your entire business.

Week #10A - Blogging for Business

Adding touches to blog posts that let people relate to your content is a great idea, but not in every situation. You want people to form positive personal experiences with your content - stories that make them reflect and remember things from their own life, that let them connect with the person behind the blog, writing the posts. You want to reassure people of their choices, allow them to make smart decisions, and let them share the news of your blog and your company to others, to drive business to your place instead of someone else's.

Including things like calls to action (like directly telling them how to get in touch with you, or using phrases like act now!, etc.), and showcases of your products/services are great ways to add personal touches to your content. You want these things to reinforce decisions that customers make to shop at your business, instead of goings somewhere else, and to assuage any fears they might have of shopping somewhere new. Communicating directly with …

Week #8B - Get Visual 2

Visual media is vitally important for a business like the one I've decided to create. Being a visual form of media in and of itself, VR is greatly improved in the eyes of the consumer when you can see examples of the product. This includes, but isn't limited to, video and screenshots! These sorts of things can provide concrete evidence of progress and functionality, and are key to making sure people support and enjoy the concepts being put forward. Having a wide array of visual media for anything related with VR is great, especially if you can show both in VR and out of it - what a setup might look like in a psychiatric office, in my case, for example. - Facebook last post Oct. 2 - Instagram last post Sept. 30 - Instagram last post Feb. 5 - Instagram last post Sept. 19

While none of these companies do exactly the same thing as ExposVRe, they are all in the field of VR software…

Week #8A - Get Visual

Of all the visual social media options, two immediately come to mind as being the most useful for ExposVRe.

At the top of the list would be YouTube - uploading videos of scenarios that have been crafted, and showing how you can modify and control each aspect of them would easily show how the program works. This allows people to immediately see what it is each program is trying to accomplish, and what each of the knobs and dials within it can do to control the experience for the patient. Videos are a great way to show off visual information, especially for games or software that are interactive media.

Secondly, Instagram would be a fantastic place to show off screenshots and in-progress work while working on each scenario. Using Instagram in this way means that people can get a sneak peek at what's being worked on, where it's being worked on, and how far along it is. Instagram could even be used to source ideas and show off real world inspirations for some of the scenarios! It&…